Group Internal Audit reduces & recycles

This Year, Resolve To Be Better By Reducing & Recycling

13 January 2017 – Each New Year, many of us resolve to lose weight, exercise more, even as simple as to better ourselves in some way. This year, why not resolve to be kinder and gentler to our planet? That was exactly what CMS did!

The recycling campaign organised by Group Internal Audit Department started early this year which gave everyone an opportunity to spring clean their offices and homes in preparation for the New Year.

We received overwhelming response from the employees this year – they came with stacks and parcels of recyclable items, comprising of newspapers, aluminium cans, cardboards, mixed papers, and plastic bottles, all excited to offload. The response was so good that a second recycling truck had to be called in. It definitely was good timing for recycling!

A special shout out to the CMS Quarries team for sharing photographs of their employees loading  their recycling collection onto the truck early in the morning, before heading to Wisma Mahmud, the collection centre.

The total collection weighed 6,336kg, worth RM1,759.30. This money will go towards charity, of course.

Word of thanks from the Organisers, “We would like to thank everyone for all their contribution in helping us make this recycling campaign a huge success”!