Image 1 - Fogging

The War Against Dengue To Be Taken To A Whole New Level

Kuching (Sarawak), Friday, 28 September 2018 – Whilst PPES Works (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd has for several months taken every preventative measure to eradicate Aedes mosquitoes at their Sarawak Museum Campus and Heritage Trail site, the recent news that six of their onsite staff and three people from surrounding areas had been exposed to dengue has driven the company to take their efforts to the next level.

Andy Lee Kuok Ping, Site Project Manager said, “Let me start by happily confirming that all who were admitted with dengue have now been treated and released from hospital and will make a full recovery. Our teams are visiting them to see how they are doing and bring along fruits as a small “get well soon” gesture. Since September 4th, 2018, we have fogged the area 14 times and have constantly cleared stagnant water, however with the volume and frequency of the rain, the primary drainage system becomes clogged causing new ponding areas which leads to more larvae. With this in mind, we are ramping-up our efforts to an almost military-like campaign to help protect everyone in the area to the best of our abilities.”

Fogging alone does not kill the larvae, it just chases away the mosquitoes. So, while PPES Works and CMSB have engaged a private contractor to conduct mosquito fogging now daily, they are also funding a greater counteroffensive in the war on dengue with new initiatives and weapons.

  1. Every personnel who enters the area must be properly attired, will receive mosquito patches and will be sprayed by a non-aerosol water-based mosquito repellent.
  2. Every morning, a team of 20 people comprising general site staff and safety officers will comb for hotspots, deploy anti-mosquito larvae chemicals and dispose of stagnant water.
  3. Every Saturday there will be a Gotong-Royong featuring 70 staff and subcontractor workers to search and destroy potential mosquito breeding ground.
  4. Hiring of additional water pumps to drain areas where post rain ponding occurs.

Speaking about the above and beyond aspect of the anti-dengue campaign, Jason Lee, Head of Corporate Reputation and Communications said, “We will be initiating talks with the Museum for long-term solutions such as the planting of massive amounts of Citronella and Marigold plants. These plants do not ward off mosquitoes, but they do mask the scent (carbon dioxide emissions of breath) of humans so that the mosquitoes cannot detect and infect humans. There are other options that can be deployed such as the introduction of guppies or ikan longkang to eat the larvae in the more permanent ponding areas. As a final measure, we will be hiring an external third-party health and safety inspector to join us on a weekly or fortnightly site visit to see how else we can wipe out dengue in this area.”

“CMSB wants to be a true corporate citizen that makes life changing differences to people’s lives. Just fogging and chasing away the mosquitoes on a temporary basis will not achieve our long-lasting and life-changing goals. For that reason, we want to do it properly. Hopefully, our actions will help educate people in the surrounding area and also raise the bar for other contractors and developers to follow. This long-lasting and life-changing goals concept forms the basis of our soon to be launched new, holistic CSR programme,’ concluded Jason.