Sponsors sportswear & jerseys for SMK Tabuan Jaya Under-14 & 17


SMK Tabuan Jaya, also known as SSN (Sekolah Sukan Negeri) Sarawak with the motto – “Our Pride and Glory” under the leadership of Encik Hassan Bin Haji Wa’ Gani (Pengetua) and his team of teachers (Cikgu) Encik Abdul Rashid (PKK) and Encik Edward Ngelai (PKHEM) and their two (2) football players representing their Under 14 & Under 17 Teams attended the simple ceremony.

The handing over ceremony of the football jersey sponsorship/donation jersey (shirts, pants & socks) worth RM 5,000.00 for the twenty three (23) players for each of the  Under Fourteen (14) and Under Seventeen (17) SSN Team Squads participating in the inter-state football league organized by the Ministry of Education. Their first match was away game versus SSN Pahang on the weekend of this ceremony.

This simple handing over ceremony was held on Thursday, March 13, 2014 at CMSB, Level 5, IT Conference Room, Wisma Mahmud lead by Encik Edward Suka, CMSB Sport Organising Chairman with the presence of CMS Games Football Coordinators – Encik David Atom and Encik Adam Aman and Corporate Communication personnel, Cik Esther Ambin.

This sponsorship request was officially submitted by the school representative to our Games Chairman during one of our CMS Inter-House football match in 2013. Upon receiving the request, the GMD was happy to approve the sponsorship to reciprocate the generosity of the school in rendering their mini stadium (football field and its related sport facilities) for CMS employees to use for the past couple of years.

Under the Ministry of Education, Malaysia, this is the only school in the state that has its structured planning, development and training where the young talented sport students in the state will be offered to enroll themselves or through a selection process from as young as their Junior Secondary with their potential in sport. In the football itself the school do further enroll their students to a program like QPR/KPM/SMKTJ where two (2) of the students are even being offered to be trained under Queen Parks Rangers Club (QPR), England sometime March this year. For the record, the highest school achievements are as per the attached list – Pencapaian Tertinggi Pemain dan Bekas Pemain di SMK Tabuan Jaya/SSN, Sarawak.

Prepared By: David B. Atom for CMSB Sport Football Coordinators