SK Ulu Sungai gets improved road access

18 December 2016 The sun was up and heat was searing through the ground but that did not deter our volunteers from CMS Premix (Sibu) and CMS Quarries who committed their weekend to carrying out ‘Doing Good’ activities at SK Ulu Sungai Merah, Jalan Oya, Sibu.

Access road to the school has been badly affected by the swampy grounds causing the road shoulder to sink over the years. With the improvement works carried out, it certainly provided a better and safer condition for the students, parents and teachers commuting to and from school. Apart from the road improvement, the “pondok jaga” area also had gravel laid, graded, re-shaped and profiled.

One of our CMS contractors had also chipped in by transporting raw materials from our quarry site to the school.

All done in a hot day’s work but nevertheless it was rewarding indeed.