Launching of Safety Month

Safety Begins with Teamwork

It is time to repair broken steps, clean out the medicine cabinets and install lighting at dim hallways – October is CMS Safety Month! Running consecutively for three years, this year’s event aims to increase awareness to prevent accidents.

The theme for this year – ‘Safety Begins with Teamwork’ – focuses on Behavioral Safety, which is the application of behavioral research on human performances to the problems of safety in the workplace.

The launching held in the first week of October was successfully conducted by the respective Heads of Divisions, with a symbolic handover of banners and buntings to the Divisional Managers and Safety Representatives.

During the Safety Month, participants were given trainings on appropriate mediums and awareness presented by our in-house safety officers and invited speakers, on the ways to prevent injuries and accidental deaths by calling attention to common safety and health risks. Each week was dedicated with promoting a specific safety risk; among the topics presented were Falls Prevention, Chemical Handling, Working in Confined Spaces, Psychosocial and Managing Stress at Workplace, Proper Donning of PPE and Fit Test of its Components.

Embrace the Safety slogan UCUX, You See You Act!