Record crowds throng to Bandar Samariang Celebration

Kuching (Sarawak), Wednesday, 30 August 2017 – Last Saturday’s (26 August) event extravaganza hosted by Projek Bandar Samariang drew in excess of an estimated 5,000 people, making it one of the largest community-based events hosted by a developer in Kuching’s history. The grand concert finale to the memorable day featured Ashraf Hardy, At Adau, Eleena Harris, Ricky Andrewson, The Double Shoes, Floor 88, Ila Damia, Noh Salleh, Misha Omar and Hazama.

Dato’ Richard Curtis, CMSB Group Managing Director, said: “The response and the turnout by the community was truly unbelievable, far greater than we could have ever expected. Being onstage to launch the show and give away the prizes was breath-taking, looking out at a sea of people. The excitement and fun levels were through the roof. When we created the concept idea for Bandar Samariang, we worked on the guiding idea that everything we did should be woven into the community and always put serving the community at its heart.

“The attendance at the event proves we got it right. The perfectly planned development mix of residential types, styles and functions, mapped on a blueprint to provide abundant and easy access to a well-thought-out retail and commercial mix, clearly works to create a thriving and vibrant community. To be a resident or retailer in Bandar Samariang is to be at the heart of a true community. It is easy to see why Bandar Samariang is a popular choice when people are looking at areas to live in or invest in.”