Protecting our native floral treasures

4 September 2020 – The Sarawak forest, our luxuriant foliage of green is proudly one of the world’s mega-biodiversity hotspots carrying some of the largest collections of rare, unique and indigenous orchid species. Although these floral treasures are highly sought after internationally for their charismatic and aesthetic features, little interest and awareness towards these endangered orchids are shown by the local Sarawakian community. To help advocate for the importance of guarding our forests’ biodiversity and preventing the extinction of these orchids, CMS donated RM30,000 to the Sarawak Orchid Society, an NGO determined to create and promote awareness towards these native orchids. As a strong supporter of sustainability and believer of biodiversity, CMS hopes that this donation will aid local efforts to educate our society about the untapped economic potential, medicinal values and the incontestable significance of the orchid species in our ecosystem.