Baleh Kapit Raft Safari 2018

OOOOOHHAA what an adventure!

6 – 8 April 2018 – On 6 April 2018, a mix-bag of 26 employees from across the Group’s Divisions and HQ departments, as well as reps from Bintulu, Sibu and Ulu Kapit met to take on the 23rd Baleh Kapit Raft Safari (BKRS) adventure. Led by our Group CEO-Operations, Mr Goh Chii Bing, the three teams (Men #CMSRoars1 & 2 and Ladies #CMSRoars3) were pretty diverse – in age, culture, ethnicity, religion, education, work experience and paddling skills! It did not take long for us to quickly form a tightly knit group and we went on to enjoy the next 72 hours of immense laughter, friendship, camaraderie and adventure.

The 1st leg of BKRS began on 7 April at Rumah Naga Sulok to Rumah Bengau Andah along the Baleh River. This was strictly a men’s event meandering through the sleepy and scenic tributary. The 2nd leg on 8 April was from Rh Bengau to Kapit Express Passenger Terminal where all three teams took on the mighty Rajang. There were six categories: Men’s Open & Closed, Freestyle, Women’s Closed, Paddle Boat plus Best Decorated Raft. 35 teams took part in the competition which was capped off with the power boat competition side event.

After two days of gruelling paddling, CMSRoars1 took 6th placing whilst CMSRoars2 took 9th placing out of 11. CMSRoars3 had aimed for 6th but with the loud cheering from Group CEO and our support team, the ladies proved their mettle as they throttled past the ‘Landas’ team to take on 5th placing out of 7.

CMS is privileged to be part of Ulu Kapit’s annual major tourist event where we sponsored RM10,000.00 for BKRS 2018.

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