Newly-paved grounds for Dewan Kampung Serumah by RMU Tapah

Newly-paved grounds for Dewan Kampung Serumah

15 June 2019 – Kampung Serumah, located in Padawan – and unbeknownst to many – is a hidden gem for trekking activities for locals and foreigners alike. It is also home to 40 or so households who have reached out to CMS for assistance in sprucing up the surroundings of their community hall.

Full of vigour and prepped with heavy equipment on an early Saturday morning, 47 volunteers from CMS Roads Sdn Bhd (RMU Tapah) came to the villagers’ aid and laid 135 tonnes of DCR 2’’ stones donated by the company on the frontage grounds of the Kampung Serumah community hall. Volunteers also brought out lighter equipment such as brush cutters and brooms to cut overgrown grass and sweep the compound to help freshen the area up for the community.