New tar-sealed carpark for visitors on the trail of Mount Serumbu

New tar-sealed carpark for visitors to Mt Serumbu

21 April 2018 – The Rajah Brooke Heritage, situated at the foothills of Mt Serumbu along the old Kuching-Bau Road, is popular to trekkers. At the base of Mt Serumbu, in the vicinity of the community hall and Tourist Information Centre, our team of 40 volunteers from RMU Bau helped to clear the site to make way for a new carpark for visitors and tourists who come to hike-up the mountain. The men shoved gravel onto the area and compacted the ground before adding hot premix to the surface whilst the ladies cleaned the community hall and prepared refreshments for everyone.

It took our team the entire Saturday to finish the job. Exhausted but happy as it is always rewarding to help and do good. We hope that with the new tar-sealed carpark, the historical and cultural site will attract more visitors, tourists and trekkers to Mt Serumbu and this will certainly help generate more income for the local community.