Launching Gimmick at Lamin Dana

Lamin Dana: Preserving Culture and Heritage through Generations

29 September 2018 – Lamin Dana Cultural Boutique Lodge is a jewel in the heart of Kampung Telian, Mukah. Located just 15 minutes from Mukah Airport, Lamin Dana, meaning traditional house in archaic Melanau language, has become a focal point to showcase the Melanau tribe’s heritage, history and culture significance. It is situated on the river bank of Telian River which is still used by the local community to transport sago logs from the estates to the factories. The property and land, owned and founded by Madam Diana Rose, was inherited from her ancestors. She is passionate to revive and showcase their Melanau Culture for the world to see and the house is aptly described as ‘House of the Living Legend: Sharing our Melanau heritage and cultural intelligence with the World’.

This year marked the inaugural launching of Lamin Dana Heritage and Cultural Showcase.  Themed “Melanau Heritage”, the event was divided into three major components – Environmental art exhibitions and the Melanau way of life, Exhibition of Antiques in cooperation with Sapan Puloh Mini Museum, and The Lamin Dana Highlight Dinner and Fashion Show. Going forward, the event will be held annually on the last Saturday of September, to promote tourism, showcase local talents and preserve the Melanau heritage through cultural intelligence whilst sustaining the local community.  With the good support and coverage from the community, government and local industries, it will be a prominent event in Mukah along with the already well-known Pesta Kaul.

In support of local culture, Cahya Mata Sarawak was proud to sponsor RM10,000 for this event alongside Persatuan Melanau Mukah. The launching Dinner and Fashion Show was attended by YB Dato Hajjah Hanifah Hajar Taib, a Member of Parliament for Mukah, other state assemblymen and local leaders who turned up to support this event. The night was blessed with good weather and guests were entertained with cultural performances such as Ancient Chanting, Coral Speaking that told a story about Mukah and Melanau people, Tarian Mengarang , Tarian Alu-Alu, Tarian Pezepin, Tarian Kreatif and Tarian Tapou by school and college students, local performers and dancers. The fashion show featured local designers – Lyona Stephen showcasing the Traditional Melanau Costumes and Latip Mohti of Latip Collections revealing Contemporary Melanau Costumes.

As Mukah is famous for producing sago products, guests were served with an array of traditional Melanau dishes consisting of sago. On the menu was Umai – the famous raw-fish delicacy served with herbs and salad leaves with sago pearls, Ikan Ipung – a locally smoked fish served with turmeric-tinged rice, Kari Siaw – Lamin Dana’s version of chicken curry together Sayur Tajuk – sago shoots cooked in coconut milk and another local mixed vegetable. Delectable desserts of chilled sago pearl cooked in palm sugar and Bubur Leluai with shaved coconut shoots in coconut water topped off the scrumptious meal.

Experiencing the Melanau Culture at Lamin Dana was a memorable one and should not be missed. The involvement of youth is crucial in learning and sharing the Melanau cultural tradition as they are the best ambassadors to bring the Melanau heritage to a higher platform. To experience the culture and tradition, please join the next Lamin Dana Heritage Showcase with the theme ‘Sunhat Affairs’ which will be held from 27-29 September 2019.