Gotong Royong at St. Elizabeth Tijirak

Gotong-Royong at St. Elizabeth Tijirak

21 April 2018 – SK St. Elizabeth Tijirak, Siburan had to deal with puddles of rainwater accumulated at the school’s front yard after a downpour due to the low and uneven ground. At the request of the school’s principal, RMU Tapah was quick to gather 45 employees under our Construction & Road Maintenance Division to help with the repairs.

The men were tasked to do the heavier work of laying premix to resurface the compound and cut the thick bushes around the school’s outer perimeter whilst the ladies did gardening, pruning and weeding at the school’s herb garden where ginger and lemongrass were planted. Together everyone helped to clear the cut branches and debris around the school perimeter.

The teams were presented with a certificate of appreciation for doing good for the school.