Samalaju Properties gears up for Sarawak Day 2019

Gearing up for Sarawak Day 2019: Gotong-royong edition

29 June 2019 – For the first time ever, the coastal town of Bintulu hosted the Sarawak Day celebrations on 22 July this year. This significant occasion was special as the first DUN (State Legislative Assembly) sitting was held there – a fact that is almost forgotten by history.

As performers practiced and geared up for their upcoming activities, employees from Samalaju Properties Sdn Bhd took to task by sprucing up the town to make it clean for the July celebration. Teams gathered and were dispatched around the event site to collect and discard trash found by the roadside, on pavements and even on grassy shoulders. Through this gotong-royong session, we hope the visitors would leave Bintulu with a good impression of the place. As a responsible organisation, CMS will continue its efforts in raising awareness on the importance of upkeeping the environment.