CMS volunteers at PERKATA Sale

Sunday, 5 May 2013, KuchingThe PERKATA Open Day Sales this year coincided with the General Elections 2013 but that did not stop the public from coming as early as 7am to support a charitable cause, raising funds for the intellectually disabled children of Perkata at Jalan Ong Tiang Swee, Kuching.

Our CMS employee volunteers consisted of staff and our new batch of management trainees from CMS Infra Trading, Group Human Resource and collectively they managed to raise RM2,817.00! As first-timers participating in a ‘Doing Good’ initiative under the CMS umbrella, the management trainees were definitely fun to watch. They went around with baskets and trays of ‘satay’ and cakes to sell and their eagerness in trying to convince the buyers were truly amusing.

Management Trainee, Bradley, said “I did not have a problem waking up early to help set-up the stall but asking customers to buy our chiffon cake was challenging as there was another stall selling a similar cake!”  For King Ung, he had to polish his marketing skills and persuade customers to buy our food. Several times he had to accept rejection courteously and learned from his colleague, Yew King, who approached the kids instead, who in turn persuaded their parents to buy.  Now, that is what we call a good “marketing strategy”!

Meantime back at the stall, it was just as exciting to see one team shouting “ayam pansuh” and the other yelling “satay” all done while trying to lure more customers.  Nevertheless, it certainly was a good effort from everyone as everything was sold out and we ‘closed shop’ by 8am!