CMS Works Sdn Bhd (317052-H)


This company and its subsidiaries undertake general construction, specialist infrastructure projects, road maintenance concessions and road laying and rehabilitation works. This company also owns a fleet of construction and road maintenance equipment, as well as vehicles to meet the Division’s needs.

PPES Works (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd (209892-K)


This company, a joint venture with the Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (SEDC), is a long-established and leading construction company in Sarawak, having built many iconic projects over the years. With its wealth of experience it continues to undertake a wide range of civil engineering, building and utility works (including dams, undersea pipe lay and other water-related works) as well as road construction and road maintenance. It also holds a long-term concession from the Federal Government of Malaysia to maintain approximately 680km of Federal roads within Sarawak.

CMS Roads Sdn Bhd (287718-K)


This company maintains approximately 5,400km of State roads in Sarawak under a long-term concession. Using an internationally recognised road management and maintenance system, its scope of works includes maintenance and repair of road surfaces as well as road markings and furnishings, such as signages and lighting.

CMS Pavement Tech Sdn Bhd (340934-W)


This company is a specialised provider of construction, maintenance and rehabilitation services for road pavements. This includes processes such as cement stabilisation, pavement profiling and the recycling of existing pavements in an environmentally friendly manner. These processes offer cost savings, speed of construction and improved pavement performance and life.