Blood Donation - A Life Saving Commitment

Blood Donation – A Life Saving Commitment

4 March 2017 – It was amazing to see donors arriving an hour early and waiting eagerly for the medical team to do set-up for our CMS Blood Donation Drive at Wisma Mahmud, Kuching.

By 8.45 am, the first name was called, followed by 40 others who were already waiting in line. There were many familiar faces most of whom were repeat donors from the Group. Donating for the first time was Victoria Ding from CMS’ Legal Services Department who came with her mother in tow, for moral support! Unfortunately, we had 15 others who were not eligible to donate mainly due to high blood pressure.

Our gratitude goes to the medical team from the Sarawak General Hospital’s Blood Bank for their assistance and to our blood donors for their patience and commitment.