CSR at SK St. Patrick by RMU Mukah

Better playground for SK St. Patrick

21 April 2018 – Education is a passport to the future and therefore an investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.  Therefore, a school must be conducive for students to study and gain knowledge.

The cement flooring at the front yard of SK St. Patrick has eroded and cracked over the years. The same area is used for sports and other curriculum activities as the school does not have a sports field. This raised concerns from the school’s PTA and they sought the help of CMS Roads Sdn Bhd. 29 employees from RMU Mukah joined forces with the parents and teachers to remove broken cement, gravel and debris before patching them up with new cement.

On the outside of the classroom, they compacted gravel to create walkway for students to move easily between classroom buildings. Our experienced CMS team resurfaced the uneven ground from the school’s gate entrance leading towards the teachers’ building block before taking break for lunch.