Cahya Roars joins Annual Padawan Raft Safari 2016

Annual Padawan Raft Safari 2016 ends on a high note

14 August 2016 – More than 150 teams participated in the annual tourism event, jointly organised by the Padawan Municipal Council, Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, Ministry of Tourism Sarawak in collaboration with government agencies and NGOs.

The event consisted of six categories – the 40 km-Rafting Expert, Kayaking, 26 km-Men Open Rafting, 22km-Women Open Rafting, Government Departments and Hotels & Tour Agencies Rafting.

CMS sent its troops of 5 teams of men (Cahya Roars 1 to 5) and one ladies team (Cahya Roars 6), headed by team leader, Veronica Benita. The battle to be the fastest started from Kampung Annah Rais, Kampung Temurang and Kampung Danu at 7.00 am and ended at Kampung Git at 3.00 pm.

CMS paddled its way to the 15th (Cahya Roars 3), 16th (Cahya Roars 1) and 17th (Cahya Roars 4) placings.

The Padawan Raft Safari 2016, which entered its 11th edition this year, was flagged off by Minister of Local Government, YB Professor Datuk Dr. Sim Kui Hian and Senator Dr. Zaidi Haji Suhaili for the Women and Men categories respectively. CMS sponsored RM20,000.00 for this tourism event and YB Lo Khere Chiang generously waived the registration fees and cost of rafts totalling RM2,620.00.

The annual programme aims to promote recreational activities while inculcating participants and spectators the values of nature conservation.