All About The Concrete

All about the Concrete

All about the Concrete…

Saturdays for many of us are strikingly a life of leisure and often aimless, that’s when 30 CMS employees from across the Group spared a wonderful Saturday to make an impact in the lives of a family in Kampung Dangak along Jalan Stephen Yong in Kuching. With the coordination of Habitat for Humanity Malaysia, the employees met Nancy Anak Ahem and her family who were excited that an enthusiastic group of helpful volunteers are ready to offer help in building better homes for them.

The site was enlightened with sparkles of teamwork spirit and tremendous camaraderie exhibited by the group of volunteers from a mix of different divisions. Working together with the Construction Supervisor, Mr. Jobly Sindow, the volunteers spent their morning preparing the ground beams’ steel reinforcement. They enthusiastically dug trenches for the placement of steel reinforcement between the completed footings. Sustainability and creativity were practised with the use of wall bricks as an alternative to the conventional timber formwork.

The group had a good experience in concrete mixing, forming a human conveyor belt to pass the readily mixed concrete to members who were assigned to cast the beams. Pouring heavy bags of cement and shovelling aggregates into the concrete mixer were no joke as it really required strength and stamina to perform such labourious tasks. Despite being the first experience for many, the volunteers took their turns to try out different tasks and enjoyed a good time of working, learning, laughing and making fun of each other.

Aching backs and arms regardless, the group was happy that they had indeed put in much effort to enhance the life of the underprivileged family, with the most profound part being the sense of accomplishment after a hard day concreting the ground beams. Although much effort has been put in to improve the lives of the less fortunate, much remains to be done. Together we continue the volunteerism in building better homes! Together we support the community!

All about the Concrete