Vision & Mission


To be the PRIDE of Sarawak & Beyond

Our Shareholders, Staff, Customers & Community


P  Producing Quality, On Spec & On Time
R  Respect & Integrity
I  Improving, Innovating & Investing in People
D  Delivering Sustainable Growth
E  Environmentally Conscious, Safe & Conducive Workplace

About the CMS Logo

Following a period of rapid diversification, CMS changed its name from Cement Manufacturers Sarawak Berhad to Cahya Mata Sarawak Berhad on 13 June 1996.

‘Cahya Mata’ in Malay refers to a special child or literally “apple of the eye”. Thus Cahya Mata Sarawak can mean “Sarawak’s favourite son”. This concept has been further extended through CMS’ current vision statement ‘To be the PRIDE of Sarawak and Beyond’.

The CMS logo was also changed from the angular blue design to the present one comprising the colours of the Sarawak flag: yellow, red and black. The interlocking shapes of the logo reflect the concepts of yin and yang, and represent the Group’s two main divisions at the time: infrastructure and investment.