Learning and Development

The Company recognises the importance of continuous learning and development for all its Employees. The Company shall identify competency gaps (knowledge / skill / attitude) of Employees and nominate them to attend relevant external training programmes as well the Company’s in-house training programme in order to enhance their work performance.


  • The immediate superiors / supervisors are responsible for ensuring that their subordinates have the appropriate knowledge / skills in their respective core / functional areas to ensure that business objectives can be met. Where such training cannot be provided internally, external training shall be considered.
  • Employees nominated by their immediate superiors / supervisors are responsible to attend training programme identified in their Training Needs Analysis (TNA) / Training Needs Identification (TNI) and are expected to apply these knowledge and skills to their jobs and workplaces.

Training Bond Policy

  • A Training Bond shall be imposed on an Employee who is pursuing a course / training that is specialised (i.e. technical training) and / or leading to a certification / accreditation which shall be of independent value to the Employee

Bond and Commencement Period

  • The commencement date of the bond shall be the date the Employee reports to work after his return from the training but excludes any leave taken.
  • When the Employee chooses to leave the Company before the end of his bond period, the Employee shall indemnify the Company an amount equivalent to the period of bond not served. Any incomplete months are calculated to the nearest month.