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The Board has established three (3) Committees to assist in discharging its duties. All Board Committees have written Terms of Reference (TOR) which are in accordance with the recommendations of the Code. The said Board Committees’ TOR are periodically reviewed by the Board.

The proceedings and deliberations of Board Committees are reported at every Board meeting by the Chairman of the respective Board Committees.

Group Audit Committee
Mr Ho Heng Chuan (Chairman)
Umang Nangku Jabu (Member)
Datuk Ir Kamarudin Zakaria (Member)
Dr. Khor Jaw Huei (Member)
Nomination and Remuneration Committee
Y Bhg Tan Sri Abdul Rashid bin Abdul Manaf (Chairman)
Y Bhg Dato Sri Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib (Member)
Y Bhg Datuk Seri Yam Kong Choy (Member)
Group Risk Committee
Y Bhg Datuk Seri Yam Kong Choy (Chairman)
Y Bhg Dato Isaac Lugun (Member)
Datuk Ir Kamarudin Zakaria (Member)
Mr Chin Mui Khiong (Member)
Dr. Khor Jaw Huei (Member)
Digital Transformation Committee
Datuk Seri Yam Kong Choy (Member)
Datuk Ir Kamarudin bin Zakaria (Member)
Umang Nangku Jabu (Member)
Dr. Khor Jaw Huei (Member)
Dato Isaac Lugun (Member)
Shaun Mok Chek Wei (Member)
Board of Inquiry Committee
Datuk Ir Kamarudin bin Zakaria (Chairman)
Datuk Seri Yam Kong Choy (Member)
Dr. Khor Jaw Huei (Member)
Employees’ Share Option Scheme Committee
Peter Chin Mui Khiong (Chairman)
Datuk Ir Kamarudin bin Zakaria (Member)
Dr. Khor Jaw Huei (Member)